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I’ve been in a pretty deep depression lately. One in which I did not think I would be able to pull myself out of. I was not staying connected to my support system, I was not attending church, I was blowing off my support group. I was isolating myself very well and not communicating with anyone. I was also putting my job at risk.

After a particular bad couple of days God finally spoke to me ever so subtlety. He told me how much he loves me but when I isolate myself I am not following him nor am I showing the world who He is through my actions.

He has shown me how much He truly loves me by being extremely patient with me; continuing to whisper in my ear; but most of all he has put some amazing people in my life. People who despite hardly knowing me, they have shown how much they care about me and my welfare. They have expressed how much I am loved and that nothing I can do will ever take that love away.

I’ve spent the last week starting each day filled with God’s love. With the knowledge that He has forgiven me despite me not coming totally clean with him. He knows I am having issues with trust and with allowing Him full control of my life. I need to surrender all parts of my life to Him; but he will be patient with me. He will work with me and allow me time to work on the barriers. He has already given me the help I need to start towards knocking down and getting rid of those barriers. He is faithful and He remains constant.

I’m very thankful for the people He has put into my life. I am extremely thankful for how He has helped me to repair the relationship with my mother.

I am looking forward to the work God will continue in my life. I need to remember to keep my eyes on Him.

Thank you Lord for saving me. For allowing me to follow you. I praise your name to all!