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Thank you for the rain today. Thank you for my life. Thank you for my job. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for Donna for at least 30 days. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the 30 day mindfulness challenge. Thank you for the opportunities available at church. Thank you for allowing me to be able to have great friends and for me to be available for them when they need me. Thank you for the blessing of Nora and Laiklyn. Thank you for today. Thank you for tomorrow. 

I need to make a plea or a prayer that you watch over Tim. You know his struggles. You know his addictions. You know his past. I know only you can save him from the drugs and porn. I ask for your help in reaching him and saving his life. May your will be done. I ask this in Jesus’ name. 

Thank you for all of the blessings you continue to pour out in my life. Thank you for the abundance I have. 

I praise and worship your name.