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Father God:

Thank you for my life. Thank you for allowing me to live another day today. Thank you for allowing me to worship and praise you.

Thank you for ensuring I got out of bed and made it to work today. Thank you for all of the people whom I work with and who I interact with at work even if it is simply saying “hi” to. It enables me to smile to them and make a small impact on their day. It allows me to ask how their day is or say how I like their shirt or say something to them so they know someone cares.

Thank you for providing me with a walking partner. She has enriched my life just by being there. Just by listening to me. Helping me to sort things out.

Thank you for the true friends you have put into my life. Thank you for their strength, their wisdom and their love.

Thank you for the church I attend and all of the loving people who have helped me with my recovery. They have been so incredibly caring and kind. I thank you for leading me to the church in the first place.  You are so wonderful in the way you work things out!  It still baffles my mind how you do that!

Thank you for the blessings you have poured out in my life.  Thank you for the daily bread you provide me. Thank you for blessing my finances.  For providing me with sufficient means to pay my rent, my car payment, my car insurance and all the other bills I have.  I know you will see me through my financial situation so that I will be financially secure and be debt free.  I will remain steadfast with you by my side.

Thank you for keeping me faithful to my exercise regimen of walking daily.  Thank you for giving me the strength to make it through the day.  Thank you for everything.  I love you with every breath I take and every fiber of my being.