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I need your help. I know I normally do a victory log, but today/tonight I need your help. 

I am tired – really tired. I’m exhausted. Fatigued. Feeling run down. I think it is all the gluten-laden foods I’ve been eating that I know I should be staying away from, so I will keep away from them. Which I know means no more poor man’s cafe mocha (coffee with hot chocolate ).  I will wait the 14 days to see if my symptoms start to clear up as well before I panic and call my doctor. 

Can you help me with the decision regarding my job? Should I stay or should I go? Do I stay here or do I travel? It’s times like this when I really do wish you would either call me on the phone or send me an email or text me. I know you do communicate, but I just need to settle my mind and clear out all the noise and listen. Or I need to focus on your Word and actually spend time reading your Word and you’ll give me the answer as clear as day. Ken has told me already that you’ve given me the answer. But that crazy thing called fear just keeps on creeping on back in and I keep on having my doubts instead of remaining steadfast and trusting you. 

I do have some requests that don’t have anything to do with me though. 

Can you please take care of Dana?  She’s really sick and she needs your help. She went to the doctor but she is hurting really bad and really needs only the help you can provide. 

I also want to pray for Donna. She is going through radiation treatments or some sort of treatments now for her breast cancer and she just needs encouragement and strength to get through this time. She needs your comfort and strength. She also needs a reminder that just getting through this time is a testament of her faith. 

I want to pray for all of my co-workers. Thank you for providing me with such a great group of people to work with. Thank you for their individuality, their different experiences which they bring and their gifts and talents. Thank you for how they enrich my life each and every day. Thank you for enabling them to show me how to be the best person I can be. 

I want to pray for my friends. Thank you for planting each and every one of them in my life. You have blessed me with different people over the years – and they have impacted my life in many different ways – but whether or not they are still a part of my life, they have all taught me something. Valuable life lessons that I will never forget. Lessons that I would otherwise never learned and would not be able to teach others about. 

Most importantly, I thank you for each and every day that I am alive and am able to praise and worship you.