…… do you ever have those moments?  Do you ever think those thoughts?

What would tomorrow look like if all you were able to receive was what you were thankful for today?  Would that change what you were thankful?  Would the level of your gratitude change?  Would you reconsider what you were thankful?  Would you think differently about what exactly you are thankful for?  Would you start a list?  Check it twice?  Ensure you didn’t miss anything?

What if there was a fire and you had 20 minutes to grab whatever you could….. what would you take?  What if you only had 10 minutes?  What if you only had 5 minutes?  Think about what really matters to you.  What are you placing value on?

Now let’s move to your closet……. what have you not worn in the last year?  Would you wear it ever again?  Does it even fit you?  What have you not worn in the last 6 months?  Have you thought of tagging your clothes and then seeing if you wear them in the next 4 months?  Or moving them to another closet and seeing if you “miss” them?  How about selling them at a rummage sale this summer and then donating the ones that don’t sell?

Now the kitchen……… those plastic containers and dishes….. do you really use every single one of them?  Do you have lids for them all?  I actually used to buy a ton of Tupperware and went through all of mine a couple of years ago.  Anything I did not have a lid for, was tossed or given away to a needy place that I knew could use it.  The “lesser” brand plastic items were tossed.  How about the rest of the items in your kitchen?  Do you have multiples of items that you’re not using but they still work?  Could you donate them to a local homeless shelter so when someone moves out they have supplies?  Or could you donate them to another agency for when a family suffers a loss they can come there to get much needed supplies?