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…… I’ve been on this road called Recovery for almost a year now.  The anniversary date is fast approaching and I’m not sure if I should be celebrating or if I should be scared.

I know I’ve made some progress; however, the ever self critical person that I am does not think I’ve made enough progress.  How does one know just how much progress one has made on this road of Recovery?  How do you know how much more work you need to do?  How do you measure this stuff?  I have all of these books — ones I’ve read, ones I have yet to read, ones I’m in the midst of reading.  I’m a reader of books since I’m very analytical and that is how I learn and how I know how to recover.

I do like to talk; but I need to take action.  I need to see progress.  I need to see changes.  But how do you changes within yourself?  How do you see changes about yourself?

What have other people done?  What books have other people read?  I know this road is one that is a long road but how long is it?  Are there rest stops along the way?  Are there weigh stations?

This is when I wish I had a support group in which I could talk to other survivors and find out what they did or how they coped or how they handled things.  How their journey on the road went.  I know everyone’s journey is different, but there must be some similarities, correct?  Otherwise there wouldn’t be books written that help people on this road of recovery, would there?

I’m going to an event tomorrow for survivors.  It should be really good and there are several sessions to help abuse survivors to help us with emotional issues and other aspects of our life.  How to cope and other things.  I was not going to go even though I signed up due to the fatigue I’ve been suffering from; but after finding out what the sessions were, I now know I must go.  Tomorrow will be a very busy day for me for sure.  Lots packed in tomorrow.

I must press on and persevere.  I must seek God and ensure I ask for His strength and courage to keep going.  To not lose hope and keep going.  I know this road of recovery is for my benefit and will only help me if I want to reach my goals.