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What is teamwork?

Do people working for the same company not all have the same goal or goals in mind?  Do they not all work for the same company? I realize they may have different job duties and responsibilities however should we not all work together to help each other?

Or are we to stay in our own departments and not help when called upon to help?  Where do you draw the line?

When you are asked to help; then how much help do you offer?

When you know someone needs help do you offer to help or do you offer suggestions on how to solve the problem or issue?

Is this instead a boundary issue for those of us who were abused and therefore had our boundaries destroyed?  I know I grew up without knowing my boundaries (I know that now after reading the “Boundaries” book by Dr. Cloud) but how do I implement them?  How do I draw those boundaries?  How do I know when to put them into place?  

Luckily I have a Bohndaries study group next month, but I still will need help putting them to work in my work life and my personal life. 

But then again, is this a boundary issue or am I reading too much into the situations happening?  Am I being too sensitive?  Should I stop offering to help when it is not needed until I understand what boundaries are and how to implement them?

Father God, please provide me guidance, wisdom and assistance.