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Have you ever felt love? I mean truly felt it?

I have had the opportunity to have felt love. 

The first time was at church. I was sitting in my chair, waiting for service to begin, and my past I walked by and grabbed my hand. He has told me numerous times how much he loves me – how thankful he is for me – hugged me and said how thankful God is that I am here. But in that moment I felt his love for me with just the mere shake of his hand. He did not have to say a word. All the words he had spoken previously had told me he loved me. All the ways he had shown me previously had shown me he loved me. He was not just saying those words to say them. He genuinely meant them. 

I have never felt that kind of love before from someone other than my mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle.

My father has never shown me nor have I ever felt this unconditional love before from him. 

This is true love. This is unconditional love. This is the love of our Heavenly Father bestows upon us each and every day no matter what. God’s love is never ending. God’s love knows no boundaries – has no beginning and no end. God loves us when we screw up and when we are being bad and when we repent and when we are doing good. 

The other time I felt this amazing unconditional love was when I was attending a school play with two friends. I have not known these women for even a year yet; however I feel as if I have truly gotten to know them and can trust them. Something which I have a very hard time doing. 

As we were sitting in our seats watching the play, I was thinking of how much I was enjoying the show and being able to be myself and lip-sync along with the show songs (we were watching West Sidr Story) and then I felt this amazing love – an unconditional feeling of love overcome me. I knew it was God letting me know I have once again found another type of love. The unconditional love of friendship. Of friends who are true friends. Friends who will tell you how it is. Friends who will support you. Friends who will keep you connected with God and on the correct path. 

This feeling of unconditional love is unlike anything I can describe. It brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. 

My wish for everyone is that they experience these two types of love in their life. 

I know there is another love. The love of human for you – you know – that “sexual” type love or whatever you want to call it that you will have with your husband or wife. I’m not married so I have yet to experience that love. But God has a plan for my life. And that plan includes for me to be married. I will experience that type of love.  And when I do it will be amazing jut as God describes it in the Bible.