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I’ve struggled with weight issues all my life.  I’ve successfully been able to lose weight – and a great amount – and was doing okay with keeping it off. I’ve had a couple of setbacks; however, this time is the worst weight gain I’ve had since I used to weigh 350 lbs. 

The PTSD, depression and my recovery journey has taken me to places I never thought I would ever go. 

I’ve discovered that I find comfort in food; but then berate myself for eating unhealthy food and hence gaining weight. 

I’ve stopped exercising after walking over 10 miles every day and even had gotten to the point where I was actually running and enjoying it. I had run several 5k races and even have a medal for placing 2nd in my age class. 
Tonight, as I was sitting on my bed and watching tv, I turned and saw myself in the mirror and wanted to break down and cry. The image staring back at me was an image I thought I would never see again. I was so disgusted by the image I saw that it almost put me over the edge. 

I had already started making the decision to get back on track with my health and to tackle my weight issues. My sister-in-law sent me a 30 day package of Isagenix. I will be starting the 30 day plan tomorrow. I’m already getting Super Lipotropic B12 shots, which have greatly reduced my appetite (though that has not stopped me from eating despite feeling full). 

I will need all of the encouragement and motivation and support I can find and hold onto. 

So, fellow traveler and reader, please join me in this journey of weight loss. I will chronicle my weight and what I’m doing and how I feel as much as possible. 

I already know that I will need the great strength that only God can provide me to make it through this trial in my life. However, I will need human support as well. People who can see my progress and see how things are going. 

Here begins the journey within a journey.  Won’t you join me?

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and comments. All will be greatly welcomed and remembered.